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Emailwish - All in one email marketing platform for your ecommerce store | Product Hunt

Struggling with Email Flows for your store?

Let Emailwish set it up for you.

  • No Credit Card Required !
  • Free Plan Available
  • Available for Shopify & Woocommerce

No Credit Card Required !
Free Plan Available

Struggling with email flows for your store?

Let Emailwish handle it all for you.

✔ Free Plan Available✔ Available on Shopify & Woocommerce 

Emailwish - All in one email marketing platform for your ecommerce store | Product Hunt

Imagine the sales you'd generate with email workflows all done for your store.

↶ Before Emailwish

Non existent or inefficient Email Workflows on your store .

🚫 Tedious setup for workflows, emails, and templates, taking weeks to get Email Flows going.


🚫 Integration challenges with multiple tools for collecting leads (popups, chats, reviews), necessitating the management of multiple apps & higher costs.


🚫 Navigating through disjointed dashboards of multiple tools, managing multiple email workflows from multiple tools.


🚫 Struggles in maintaining consistent branding across emails, manual adjustments.

After Emailwish↷

An all in one Email Marketing resource that generates Email Workflows for you.

✅  Instant email workflows generated for your store. No need to setup complex workflows,  or even edit a template. 

✅ Start Collecting leads from popups & chats and collect reviews from one place; eliminating the need for multiple tool integration.

✅  Send Abandoned cart emails, review request emails, discount coupon emails and many more workflows from 1 dashboard. 

✅  Provide your customers with Consistent Branding across all your emails

Do Less, Sell More

Email marketing shouldn’t be a chore. Watch how Emailwish sets up all Email Flows for you so you don’t even have to lift a finger.

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Tired of Integrating Multiple Email Tools ?

Emailwish has Built-In Reviews,Popups & Chats

#Inbuilt Reviews

Generate Social Proof with Ready-to-go Review Request Emails

Emailwish comes with a Review widget integrated and a ready-to-go Review Request Series so you can start collecting User Reviews just after signing up – no editing templates required. 

Strengthen your brand and boost sales with social proof all automagically

No Credit Card Required !
Free Plan Available.

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#Inbuilt Popups

Increase Subscribers with Popups & send offers hassle-free.

Emailwish includes a Popup widget for effortlessly gathering subscriber emails and automatically delivering offers with ready-to-go popup Email series.

 Boost your sales and engage customers automagically.

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#Inbuilt Chats

Delight your customers without ever talking to them.

Let our prebuilt chat bot generate leads & handle support and send emails on auto pilot


Live Chat & Chat Bots

Let our prebuilt chat bot generate leads & handle support and send emails on auto pilot

Beautiful Popups

Create beautiful popups within 30 secs that are fully integrated with our email automations & segments


Collect photo reviews from your happy customers, strengthen your brand and boost sales with social proof all automagically

You're 3 easy steps away from your own personalized Email Flows

Step 1: Simply Signup

Step 2: Finish Onboarding

Step 3: Enjoy Automations set up by Emailwish AI

It's That Simple

Let Emailwish Boost your Store Sales


Abandoned Carts recovered


Average Increase in Social Proof


Average Subscribers Increased


Average Support Time Reduced

What Sets Emailwish Apart?

1. Automate Your Marketing Without Writing any Emails!

Emailwish  sets up complex automations automagically without you having to lift a finger.  No need to integrate multiple apps, no need to setup complex workflows or even edit a template. Everything is done for you. 

2. Make them Feel Seen Not Targeted

The Emailwish smart Segments brings it all together, with new and better ways for acquiring, retaining, and reengaging customers. whether they’ve left a good or bad review, if they’ve signed up to the mailing list but haven’t bought anything – you can target each of these individually – or any combination of them.

3. Flow Builder which syncs with Chats, Reviews & Popups.

Elevate engagement and conversions effortlessly with seamless integration. Enhance your email strategy with integrated chats, reviews, and popups for a dynamic customer experience

Design emails people love to get.

You are In Good company  : )

"EmailWish significantly increased our monthly revenue. The support team has been nothing but amazing. The UI is intuitive & it's absolutely butter smooth to get used to !"
Vijay Saxena
Co-Founder | RunWithTheSky
"Emailwish helped us build our own email funnel and convert over 40% of our abandoned carts. Their pricing is affordable for small business owners like me and stays in two digits even when we send thousands of emails each month."
Aleksi Jaffre
Founder | HappyChien.Fr
"Emailwish has transformed our approach to email marketing, and we couldn't be happier with the results. The platform's user-friendly interface allowed us to effortlessly build and optimize our email campaigns. What truly sets Emailwish apart are it's prebuilt email automations.
Brenda Miller
Lifecycle engineer