No Credit Card Required !

Chats, Popups & Reviews

  • Powerful Inbuilt chat , popups, and review apps under one Dashboard. 
  • Recover valuable time, money and customers with our all inclusive, intuitive system.
  • Best of all, every app comes integrated with our powerful Email System.

Advanced Customer Analytics

Visualize performance across campaigns, flows, and overall revenue. Customize views to keep everyone on the same page. Emailwish performs ROI based reporting which helps to see sales from email marketing, based on actual transactions.

Chat & Chat Bots

  • • Our Bots can take care of 50% chat requests and answer questions like Where is my order?
  • • Fully integrated with Email Marketing
  • • Hire Chat Agents

Beautiful Popups

  • • Fast & Easy, create popups within 30 secs, drag & drop builder
  • • Pre-Integrated with email campaigns & automations. 
  • • Ready made templates
  • • Detailed reporting

Ready to use Automations

Emailwish provides you with many ready to use automations that do not require to be set up & are specialized for ecommerce. 

Pre-Built & Ready to go

Offer inventory, sales, order booking & other integrated solutions via our POS.

Easily Customizable

Emailwish provides custom e-commerce platform stores that can set-up quickly. It also provides a foundation to level up and use more advanced automation.  

Review Request Automations

Sent after your customers receive the product. These emails help your brand stay memorable & further increases social proof on your store. This increases the conversion rate.

Abandoned Cart Automations

Showcase trust and creditability in your Emails & Makes it easy to handle your customer's inbox.

Popup Automations

Using Cloud for tracking new customers & Also helps in increasing customer conversion rate.

Designed For Ease

Efficient customer tracking, discount management, loyalty programs via POS systems.

Responsive email templates

Managing real-time data in an effective way.

Drag-and-drop design

Easy to use and install

Newer ways To Segment !

Target based on events

Target flows based on special events and conditions, like a purchase or subscribing to a list.

Segment on behaviors

Build segments using behavioral and transactional data to target promotions more precisely.

One Click Integrations

Efficient customer tracking, discount management, loyalty programs via POS systems.

Codeless signup forms

Emailwish’s signup forms are hassle-free without any need for coding. 

Limitless data opportunities

Emailwish uses various combinations of data including behavioral, profile, location, predictions, and more to create the best marketing experiences.

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