No Credit Card Required !

Pre-Built Automation With Custom Ecommerce Platform

  • Powerful Inbuilt chat , popups, and review apps under one Dashboard. 
  • Recover valuable time, money and customers with our all inclusive, intuitive system.
  • Best of all, every app comes integrated with our powerful Email System.

Built-in Chats, Popups & Reviews

Chat & Chat Bots

  • • Our Bots can take care of 50% chat requests and answer questions like Where is my order?
  • • Fully integrated with Email Marketing
  • • Hire Chat Agents

Beautiful Popups

  • • Fast & Easy, create popups within 30 secs, drag & drop builder
  • • Pre-Integrated with email campaigns & automations. 
  • • Ready made templates
  • • Detailed reporting


  • Ask Customers to write a review about what they just bought
  • A great way to build social proof and drive customer engagement with your brand.

Newer Way to Segment!

Target Based on Events

Target flows based on special events and conditions, like a purchase or subscribing to a list.

Segment on behaviors

Build segments using behavioral and transactional data to target promotions more precisely.

Best Pricing

Emailwish doesn't separate our email marketing and popup into two separate price plans. We include our popup features for all our senders under one simple, easy-to-understand price.

Abandoned Cart Automations

Showcase trust and creditability in your Emails & Makes it easy to handle your customer's inbox.​

Popup Automations

Using Cloud for tracking new customers & Also helps in increasing customer conversion rate..

Chat transcripts & Much More..

Effective Charts scripts are often considered a useful way to achieve sales.

Act As Marketing CRM!​

Along with Email marketing, Emailwish also provides full-service CRM functionality at every level.

Contact List Management​

We pull in more purchases and on-site tracking data than average email marketing platforms.

Customize With Your Branding

Emailwish is designed in a way that primarily focuses on your needs as a merchant. We make all our features simple without any unnecessary complexity.

Custom Campaign Designer​

Efficient customer tracking, discount management, loyalty programs via POS systems.

Beautiful Templates

Managing real-time data in an effective way.

Plug & Play

Emailwish is the best tool to connect with your store as it has many useful inbuilt popups for its customers.

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