for your Shopify store

Connect your Shopify store with Emailwish and its easy to connect system designed for your e-commerce website.

It’s a hassle free and quick process.

Using Emailwish and it’s automated feature,

You can drive more sales in much less time by providing customized and targeted content for your customers.

Ready to use Automations

Emailwish provides you with many ready to use automations that do not require to be set up & are specialized for ecommerce. 

Pre-Built & Ready to go

Many services are in-built in Emailwish and are connected to each other creating an automated system. You do not need to add any other application or plugin for your services.

Customer Database

Linking with Emailwish, your Shopify’s customer database seamlessly flows into Emailwish’s database and is used for detecting customer behavior.

Easily Customizable

Send customized Emails to customers with Emailwish’s templates or your own customized template.


Review Request Automations

Sent after your customers receive the product. These emails help your brand stay memorable & further increases social proof on your store. This increases the conversion rate.


Abandoned Cart Automations

Send your customers follow up recovery emails with cross-sell recommendations for products they’ve abandoned in their cart with Emailwish’s templates and automated system.


Popup Automations

Automated pop-ups will deliver new products and offers to customers and help increase sales.


Chats and More in One Place

Chat with customers or your leads, do some Email marketing, but you won't have to leave the site for other apps because they are all integrated here in one place.

Hustle without Hassle!

Designed For Ease

Automated Pop-ups and E-mail Marketing reduces your tasks down to a few clicks and rest is done by Emailwish.

Drag & Drop

Place your products with description in your e-mail and pop-ups simply by dragging them from your store and dropping them on your template


Once integrated, your Shopify’s customer list seamlessly flows into Emailwish’s list.


A New way To Segment !

Emailwish provides out of the box  customized and pre-built segments, including newsletter signups, high spenders, first-time customers, and frequent buyers, so you can trigger campaigns with its automated feature based on customer behavior.

Beautiful Templates

Beautiful pop-up and e-mail templates and your customized templates as well for marketing purposes

Customized Segments

Emailwish uses your Shopify account’s customer data, their contact information and email behavior to target customized segments to your customers

Design E-mails without worrying about Compatibility issues

Optimized E-mails

Make classic, elegant or funky E-mails while making them interactive with Emailwish

Mobile Optimized E-mails

Majority of E-mails are opened on mobile devices, and Emailwish is completely optimized for enhanced mobile viewing

Elaborate E-mail Automation

Emailwish is more than an email marketing tool, it delivers various services without the hassle of integrating different apps for chat box or for writing a review about the product, everything is inbuilt.


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