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Get All Inbuilt Features You Need

  • Powerful Inbuilt chat , popups, and review apps under one Dashboard. 
  • Recover valuable time, money and customers with our all inclusive, intuitive system.
  • Best of all, every app comes integrated with our powerful Email System.

Dynamic A/B Testing Tool

Emailwish gives you the tools to test everything from your sender name and subject line to email send time, content, and CTA button color.

Create unlimited segments

Emailwish’s robust segmentation engine helps you make better connections.

Audience segmentation tools​

Emailwish clearly provides this for making the campaign a hit and increasing the revenues for e-commerce stores.

Brand Building​

Emailwish is designed with a razor-sharp focus on your needs as a merchant. We make all our features dead simple without any unnecessary complexity.

ROI-based reporting

See sales from email marketing, based on actual transactions.

Mobile Responsive

Emailwish's emails are fully optimized for enhanced mobile viewing.

Popup Automations

Using Cloud for tracking new customers & Also helps in increasing customer conversion rate.​

Interactive analytics​

Emailwish provides an intuitive dashboard where you can see important data like growth sources, customer locations, and email engagement patterns at a glance.

One Click Integrations !

Efficient customer tracking, discount management, loyalty programs via POS systems.

Codeless signup forms​

Emailwish’s signup forms are hassle-free without any need for coding. 

Limitless data opportunities​

Emailwish uses various combinations of data including behavioral, profile, location, predictions, and more to create the best marketing experiences.

Designed For Ease

Beautiful Templates

• Drag-and-drop design
• Customizable templates
• Image library

Sends Emails Quicker​

Emailwish instantly adds your products, so you can spend more time on what matters.

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